Barefoot Ultimate
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Battle for the Bible Belt   Ultimate Tournament
April 28-29, 2009
Barefoot Ultimate

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The Barefoot Ultimate Team:

Andy, Brad, Brian, Brian, Chris, Daniel, Dixie Lee, Doug, Drew, Eric, Greg, Jeff, Jeremy, Jordan, Joseph, Kirk, Kurt, Kyle, Mike, Robert, Trey,

The Barefoot Ultimate Fans:

Jeana, Sara, and Catherine

Day One:

After winning a forfeit for the first game, Barefoot Ultimate scrapped and won against three other teams. Only one team, the Little Rock team (I think) out played us and handed us a loss. The day was cloudy, with strong, cold winds so there were a lot of turnovers by everyone, and the field was slippery with thick mud, which made it nearly impossible to sprint during the games. The last point of the day lasted about 10 minutes, as all the players on both teams were too tired to beat the other team's players, and no one could get the disc all the way down the field in the wind without missing a catch. In the end, we won that grueling point, as Chris and Eric both grabbed the disc simultaneously to score the winning point. As if playing wasn't difficult due to the weather, it was also tough to stand on the sidelines waiting to play, as no one was prepared for the sub 50 degree temperatures and the constant bone chilling breeze.

Day two:

The sun came out on the second day, the fields dried up slightly, and the wind let up slightly, too, so everyone could run a little faster, and throw a little more reliably. There were less turnovers, and we played pretty well. Unfortunately, in our first game of the day, the other team came out ready to play and we didn't quite get our game together in time catch up once they got a lead. Time ran out with them a couple of points ahead, so they won and knocked us into the consolation bracket. It turns out that the only two teams that beat us ended up playing in the championship game, so we were beaten by the best. The next team we played was a mix of the other two teams we were supposed to play in the consolation bracket for 5th place. At this point, both teams were really in a great mood to have a fun game. With the ample number of players on our team, we put together several interesting lineups, including the MSU lineup, the ICC lineup, and the Old School lineup (aka the "Geriatric" lineup).

Additional notes:

One evening we dined Shorty Small's restaurant and enjoyed deep-fried twinkies...mmmmm. The second day, Catherine stopped by to cheer us on for a few points, as she was on her way home from four-wheeling in the snow in the nearby mountains. And of course, we played a massive two-group doubles round of disc golf at Burns Park after the tournament.

Barefoot Ultimate