Barefoot Ultimate
Magnolia Heat Wave 2008
July 26-27 at Clinton, MS

Video thanks to Greg!

We finished 3rd! (again)

We won 3 games and lost 3.

(Some of the actual scores below may be inaccurate, but the outcome of the game was the same.)
Day 1
Barefoot Ultimate:13       Mississippi State: 10
Barefoot Ultimate:13       Turbodogs: 9
Barefoot Ultimate:10       Ole Miss 13
Barefoot Ultimate:10       Blood Bath and Beyond: 13
Day 2
Barefoot Ultimate:8       Ole Miss: 13
Barefoot Ultimate:Won by forfeit       Blood Bath and Beyond:  
Players: Andy, Brad, Daniel, Doug, Dru,
Greg, Hunter, Jacob, Jeff, Joseph, Jordan, Kurt, Kirk, Kyle,
Marshall, Mike, Robert, Stephen, and Travis
Magnolia Heat Wave O8 Disc Golf at The Rex

Barefoot Ultimate