Killer Mosquitos Invitational
June 7, 2008 at Cleveland, MS

Killer Mosquitos Invitational O8
Barefoot Players (left side of photo): Brad, Craig, Daniel B., DRhea,
Fletcher, Greg, Jeff, Jordan, Kirk, Kyle, and Mark

Game Results
Barefoot Ultimate:17       Killer Mosquitos: 13
Barefoot Ultimate:13       Ole Miss State Pinks: 17
Ole Miss State Pinks:17       Killer Mosquitos: 13

On a hot Saturday in the delta, Barefoot Ultimate traveled to Cleveland, MS for a day of ultimate at the invitation of the Killer Mosquitos. Another team comprised of Ole Miss and MSU players also made the trip. The plan was for each team to play each other once. Barefoot and Killer Mosquitos got to play first.

It was a hot day, and we had just a few extra players, with a couple more addons - Fletcher and Mark. The Barefoot crew included Brad, Kirk, Kyle, Greg, Jordan, Craig (double agent from Ole Miss), and Daniel (from ICC). Did I mention that it was hot? And humid, too. A classic delta summer day, mid 90's, high humidity, mostly sunny, with only a slight breeze. As the day wore on, the sun-baked grass began to dry out and crunch underfoot. But back to the playing...

After barely edging out the Killer Mosquitos at our last meeting in the Spring Smackdown, it seemed likely the Killer Mosquitos would be ready to exact revenge, especially on their home field. However, as the game started, we played well and capitalized on some of their mistakes, allowing us to get a large lead of 9-3 at the half! Because there would be only 2 games played by each team, the game length had been extended to 17 points, so there was still plenty of time for the Mosquitos to mount a comeback...

The second half the heat began to take its toll on Barefoot, as mistakes began to creep in, and as expected the Killer Mosquitos picked up their game and start catching up to 9-6 before Barefoot finally scored again. As the Killer Mosquitos continued their comeback, Barefoot continued to lag, but managed to keep scoring, as the lead narrowed to 11-9. From there, however, the heat must have finally begun to affect the Mosquitos, too, and Barefoot was able to put together enough energy to improve and maintain the lead, eventually winning 17-13!

Next up, Ole Miss State vs. Barefoot. No rest for the weary Barefoot players! The Ole Miss State team was sporting pink polos, with their player numbers stenciled under the back of the collar so that you could read it when they turned their collars preppy! After a 20 minute break, we began to play with rejuvenated spirits against the fresh, pink team. We held our own at first, but it was clear that we weren't quite as fast as at the beginning of the day, and the Ole Miss State team was fresh and playing well as usual. They took a significant 9-6 lead at the half.

The second half saw the pinksters build their lead, and it was looking bad for Barefoot, when we finally began to mount a comeback. Could we succeed at a comeback where the Killer Mosquitos had not? Well, even as we gained ground, Ole Miss State gradually gained points, too, edging closer to the finish. After a strong surge, Barefoot narrowed the score to 15-12 in favor of the Pinks, but there was no stopping the faded red tide, and in the end Ole Miss State won 17-13. Despite the loss, it was a good effort by a heat-drained, substitution limited, Barefoot team who had already played a long game prior to this matchup against a fresh opponent.

While the Killer Mosquitos played the Ole Miss State Pinks, we went to find some lunch...and it was already 3pm! An interesting fact about Cleveland, MS: most restaurants close between 3pm and 5 or 6pm on Saturdays. After taking a scenic tour of downtown Cleveland in search of food, we finally made it to the Airport Grocery, where we found much needed shade, air-conditioning, food and drink. Ahhh ... it was good. I recommend the restaurant. I had BBQ, corn fritters, green beans, and a half gallon of sweet tea. Mmm! Afterward, we hoped to play the new disc golf course there at Bear Pen Park, but time ran out, so we played just three holes and headed home.

Later, by cell phone we received a report that the Killer Mosquitos had gotten a lead on the Pinksters, before the Ole Miss State folks mounted a comeback and ended up winning.

A lot of great plays were made by many folks, with Craig and Greg developing the largest strawberries from laying out to get the disc. However, in the early going, Kyle stood out on defense, making lots of denials and interceptions. It seemed like he was everywhere! Maggie, of the Ole Miss State Pinks, was adorned with the Apron of the Ideal Player, in honor of her birthday.

Altogether, it was another great day of ultimate!

Barefoot Ultimate