Barefoot Ultimate
Ole Miss
March 1-2, 2008

Video thanks to Greg and Family!

It was 65 and Sunny, outstanding weather for both days!

Barefoot Ultimate had a great turnout, 16 or so folks Saturday, about the same Sunday. We even had fans! Catherine, Jeana and Erica brought us drinks, snacks, and support. When I bumped into Ole Miss standout (and former Barefoot Ultimate standout) John Martin on campus earlier in the week, I had expressed my desire that we get to play Ole Miss (sometimes you miss a team or two in the ladder). Well, first game was against the nationally ranked Ole Miss Xanadu. We had our usual first game slow start and they got an early lead on us. We started to hang with them and scored a handful of points, but they were just too good and pulled away to a solid victory. Next game, Disc Dawgs, we dogged them and they didn't score a point against us. Too bad they didn't get us before we played Ole Miss. Third game, Spring Hill, had some potential, but we were in great form by then and dominated for another easy win. Finally, another challenge, the Killer Mosquitos, who we defeated in a tough battle at the Heatwave last summer. Fortunately for us, their whole team wasn't there, and we edged them out in a hard fought game! We were on a roll, but then another MS collegiate team showed up, Mississippi State. It was a close battle at first, but they edged ahead, and we couldn't regain the lost ground. So we finished the day at 3 and 2, and overall I think we played really well, not many mistakes, and some great highlights. Of course, the fabulous day of frisbee had to be concluded with a trip to Ajax Diner, where we refueled and stuck toothpicks in the ceiling. What a great, fun day!

Day two...
Folks showed up a little stiff, a little sunburned, but in great spirits. Our first game: Memphodes - the cross between Memphis Club and Rhodes. We started out matching them, but we made a few mistakes (which they so helpfully pointed out) and they edged us out. Actually, we started so late that the time ran out long before we played a full game, and of course we were catching up and about to beat them. ;-) This being the final day, that loss kicked us into the "loser" bracket, which we proceeded to win with two solid victories against Spring Hill (again) and DeSoto. The Memphodes went on to play Ole Miss in the finals (some consolation to us) but Ole Miss was the team, and they won all their games that weekend.

Doug made some great, I'm mean great, long throws down field to several of our many speed racers. Daniel Bailey (Drew Davis' recruit from ICC) ran one throw down that was amazing. Jacob Morgan also made several amazing run downs and catches. Drew's other buddy Mike never stopped running, and made some excellent rundowns for scores. Drew Davis himself put up some of the most amazing long bombs for scores, matched only by Doug. Brad and Travis were their usual awesome handlers and defenders. Jordan made some critical catches to score and enjoyed covering one of the female opponents in one game. Stroup is becoming a great handler and made some precision passes. Greg is ever the amazing speed racer, and he made some amazing layout diving defensive plays, too. Kirk did it all, made some long runs, some key defensive stops, and sacrificed his body for the cause. Gosh, how many great players did we have! Oh yeah, Kurt was there with his fake throws that befuddled the defenders and he played "Bad" Coach in contrast to Brad's "Good" Coach routine. George Currie played the first day as well as Drew Allen, who played some key defense (opponents can't see around him) and nearly trampled one little guy who fell beneath his feet as he was trying to stop. Neal didn't arrive til Sunday, but he was ready to play, with some no look passing, and he made one particularly great long throw for a score. Brandon had a good game, I think everyone scored, seemed like everyone knocked down some of the other teams throws, and a lot of folks went horizontal for the disc. Maggie even joined us for the second day (morning after her formal) and dominated with her left handedness. It was a great effort, and great overall play.

But the play of the weekend came from Kyle, who lept after a disc that was going out of bounds at the end zone, and caught the disc in midair and threw it back in bounds to Jacob for the score! It was fantastic!

Among the other highlights for the tourney were: the soft and fuzziest cute lab puppy you ever saw, the alien dog from the movie Men in Black, lots of raccoon faces and lobster red necks, Doug Bell running in circles trying to keep up with one of the women on another team (she proceeded to whip at least two of our other players into shape), and of course afterward we played a "getting to know the course" round of disc golf triples at the new course there across the parking lot from the ultimate fields, before heading over to the traditional Zaxby's chicken finger finale where Kirk enjoyed a free meal he earned by making an incredible disc golf shot through the thickest woods.

Special thanks go to Catherine and Erica for taking the photos you see here!

Day 1
Ole Miss Xanadu:winner over       Barefoot Ultimate
Barefoot Ultimate:winner over       Disc Dawgs
Barefoot Ultimate:winner over       Spring Hill
Mississippi State:winner over       Barefoot Ultimate
Day 2
Memphodes: winner over       Barefoot Ultimate
Barefoot Ultimate:winner over       Spring Hill
Barefoot Ultimate:winner over       DeSoto
Players: Brad, Brandon, Daniel, Doug, Big Drew, Drew, George, Greg, Jacob, Jeff,
Jordan, Kenny, Kirk, Kyle, Kurt, Mike, Neal, Robert, and Travis
Cameo: Maggie Fans: Catherine, Erica, and Jeana
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Barefoot Ultimate