Barefoot Ultimate
October 30, 2006
Super Brad donned his Batman outfit.
Doug emulated his favorite Ann Taylor Loft supermodel, wearing a breezy skirt.
Mike briefly (un)dressed as "The Naked Chef" ... Whoaa! That WAS scary!!!
Even the A-Team was there, and to quote Mr. T:
      "I pity the fool" who didn't get to join in the fun for this Halloween's ultimate game!

Halloween Players Brad As Batman
Dougs Pumpkins Ultimate Pumpkins

            Barefoot Ultimate
                  by The Cat in the Hat

Flip heads to wear a jersey, black or blue.
Flip tails to pull first and pick coverage, too.

Just grab the disc, or slap it down,
then drop it back, or pass it round.

Back and forth, toss and throw.
Use a backhand, Use a sidearm,
Use a hammer, Use your toe.

Gator grab, or get some air.
Layout to catch it, if you dare.

Hit Super Brad, or Super Drew,
Use strategery and no-looks, too.
Cover Whisper, Coach, or Prefontaine.
Or Fump, or Leo, or Baker 1 9.

Yell "I'm open!" to get the disc.
Or "It's Up!!!", if you're sure.
Yell "Oh... My...GOSH!!!" if you miss.
Or overthrow and maybe "SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!"

Score a point to rest and celebrate!
Give up a point and make the Walk of Shame.

Score five and take a water break.
Flip up again! New game, let's play!

Barefoot Ultimate