Barefoot Ultimate
Disc Golf at The Rez
Jackson, MS
July 20, 2007
On our trip down to the Magnolia Heat Wave ultimate tournament, we stopped at Pelahatchie Park on the Ross Barnett Reservoir and played a tempestuous round of disc golf doubles in a lot of wind, resulting in some shots into the lake, and wrapping up after nerves were rattled by a nearby bolt of lightning!

images/070720-kirk.jpg images/070720-kyle.jpg images/070720-robert.jpg images/070720-doug.jpg
images/070720-carey-1.jpg images/070720-carey-2.jpg images/070720-carey-3.jpg images/070720-andy-1.jpg
images/070720-andy-2.jpg images/070720-andy-3.jpg images/070720-andy-4.jpg images/070720-andy-5.jpg
images/070720-andy-6.jpg images/070720-andy-wet.jpg images/070720-joseph.jpg images/070720-gals.jpg

Barefoot Ultimate